Construction Services in Derbyshire


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Derby-based building contractor BDS Construction offers a comprehensive and reliable service for new houses, extensions, renovations and home improvements. The experienced team can also provide responsive and high-calibre construction services for business clients who need small-scale building projects at commercial premises.

Let’s look at those building services for Derby and the surrounding area in more detail.

We carry out all types of building work from concept to completion;

Each link takes you to a different building contractor service. Keep in mind that if your project falls outside one of these descriptions or overlaps across more than one, you only need to give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your project and provide a free assessment.

All the services outlined in these links are delivered by the highly-trained professionals at BDS Construction, who never lose sight of the need for responsive and intuitive customer care. You can also be sure of high-quality workmanship - from the design stage of your building project through to the handover.

As you would expect from a company with such a strong reputation in building contracting, BDS Construction’s compliance to Health & Safety regulations runs alongside strict cost management systems.


We can design your project from scratch and prepare detailed drawings as well as obtain all council approvals. Or, we can work to the designs and approvals that you have obtained elsewhere.


We always spend time with a new client discussing the project and understanding the clients' objectives. We make suggestions to improve the scheme if possible and advise how best to plan and prepare for minimal disruption.


We fully prepare a detailed quotation outlining the scope of works and detailing all elements of work included as clearly as possible.


We then present our quotation to the client making adjustments where necessary to meet the budget.


If the quotation is found to be acceptable we issue a payment schedule on which all payment requests will be based. We also issue a programme of works.


No deposit will be required and a retention will be held by the client until the end of the project.


We handover the project to the client at completion clean and tidy ready for occupation.