Building A House Extension: Where To Start

Building a house extension - where to start

A house extension can be a great investment – whether it’s to extend living space, add another bedroom, or to add value to your home. It’s very easy, however, for extension projects to go over time and over budget. So where do you begin thinking about extending a home in Derby to make sure the project is a success?

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Getting The Basics Right

The first aspect of a house extension that Derby residents need to consider is the purpose of the extension, as this will inform all of the decisions that follow. It may be for a child’s playroom, for example, or a guest bedroom, a workshop, conservatory, or maybe even a home office. Then you’re going to have to determine the budget you’re working with. Always leave yourself money to spare – never budget every penny you have. Be prepared for plans to change, and for costs to increase.

Following that, you’ll need to assess the need for planning permission. If your extension isn’t too large, it’s likely you won’t even need planning permission, but it’s always best to make sure.


All In The Planning

Before a single thing is done you need to make sure you’re happy with the plans that are drawn up. They’ll be the blueprint from which the entire project is developed, so it pays for you to be discerning. If you’re not happy with something, be sure to tell the architect as soon as possible. Remember that it’s much easier to make alterations when everything is just ink on paper, rather than bricks, mortar, and glass. Only give the go-ahead when you’re truly and genuinely satisfied with the plans.


Finding The Right Contractor

It also pays to be vigilant when you’re choosing who you’re going to trust to build the extension. Be discerning, ask for examples of previous work and references before making your decision. Get a range of quotes from different contractors, so you can see what the general consensus is for cost and where you’re going to get the best deal for your investment. If you’re not satisfied, be honest with your contractor – don’t allow them to start work if you’re not entirely sure about them. Only move forward when you’re completely sure that you’re dealing with the right building specialist.

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