Poor Workmanship On My Home Extension Project – What Can I Do?

Poor Workmanship On My Home Extension Project - What Can I Do

Everyone wants to enjoy their perfect home extension, but sadly not all construction companies are made equal. There are many horror stories out there about bad time-keeping, free-wheeling budgets, lazy workers, sloppy quality finishes, and in some cases even dangerous shortcuts.

What do you actually do if your dream home extension is made a nightmare through poor workmanship?

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Making Contact

The first thing to do is make contact with the company – you have to give them the opportunity to remedy anything that you’re not completely satisfied by. Make a detailed log of your dissatisfaction and take notes and photographs to present your case should you need to. You can call, but it’s wise to follow it up with a letter, of which you should keep a copy so you have documentation of your complaint letter for poor workmanship.

You may be thinking “what are my rights?” when it comes to dealing with poor workmanship. If you aren’t making any ground on your initial contact, try quoting the Consumer Rights Act 2005 – the act is there to prevent consumers being left out of pocket by dangerous, defective, or otherwise poor-quality goods and services. This may allow you to consider withholding payment for poor workmanship until the issue is resolved.

Solving Ongoing Issues

Sometimes construction companies will just write you off; they won’t chase payment and they won’t rectify your problems – they’ll just block your number and cease all contact with you. You may wish to pursue legal action in this case, but what do you actually do about your house extension? Who are you going to trust to finish it properly?

Simple! You Contact BDS Construction

When poor workmanship on your house extension is causing you trouble, BDS Construction is here to put you on the right path. We’ll perform an in-depth consultation to ascertain the current state of the extension, then we’ll work with you to formulate a new set of plans, new schedule, and new completion date.

You’ll have a brand new contract drawn up for you, in which we’ll highlight all of the established issues you’ve encountered and what we’re going to do to make it right for you.

Then, quite simply, we’ll get the job done. BDS Construction is a team of reliable, experienced, and affordable construction experts who are able to rescue your home extension project from the grips of appalling workmanship at any stage. All you need to do is call us today.

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