Two-Storey Extension Ideas For Semi-Detached Houses

Two-Storey Extension Ideas For Semi Detached Houses

If you’re considering investing in a two-storey extension for your house, first you’ll want to think about the myriad of options at your feet. Two-storey extensions can take shape as side, rear, and front extensions, and which is best for you will depend largely on your home and its surroundings, as well as your budget. Here are some house extension ideas for semi-detached houses, as well as some tips to give you an indication of the rough costs for house extensions.

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Two-Storey Side Extensions

If you’re lucky enough to have enough spare land at the side of your house to build a new room, then a side extension may be possible for you; side extensions are usually the easiest and often the cheapest to build, and many side extensions are allowable under the rules of permitted developments. You are probably more likely to have space for a side extension if your house is on a corner plot, or if your driveway runs to the side of the house (and you’re prepared to sacrifice some or all of it). If you’re looking for two-storey side extension ideas, consider first what your house needs most. Is your living room too small, or would you rather build a new room altogether, such as a second family room or a utility room?

Two-Storey Extensions To The Rear

Most people will be looking for extension ideas for ‘back of house’ extensions; that is, ideas for house extensions to the rear. This is because it is usually the back garden which has the most space. When extending into the back garden, many people prefer to add a porch or utility area; conservatories or orangeries are also possible, but of course, this isn’t possible in a two-storey extension. When considering what to do with your second storey, think about whether you’ll benefit more from an extra bedroom – if there’s another child on the way or you’d like a guest room – or whether you’d prefer to improve your master bedroom with more space or an en-suite.

Extensions At The Front

Sometimes, it’s possible to extend a house from the front, if the driveway and front garden space allow it. Front extensions may not always allow enough space for two whole new rooms to be built, but they can still be worthwhile if you’re looking to extend your kitchen and a bedroom. If you’re looking for kitchen extension ideas for semi-detached houses, consider what your ideal kitchen would look like, and what your budget is. You’ll likely need to have a new kitchen fitted with your extension, so consider styles and fittings which will suit a larger, more open-plan design.

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