New Build vs. Renovation – Choosing The Right Option For Your Home

New Build vs. Renovation - Choosing The Right Option For Your Home

As specialist building contractors and renovators, we’re often asked at BDS Construction whether a new build or renovation is the most sensible option. The simplest answer is that there’s no right and wrong – everything depends on your situation, and what you want to achieve. So what do you need to consider to find the right answer for you?

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What’s Your Budget?

New build residential contractors and experts in property renovation will always tell you how important your budget is in making the right choice. A new build may be fine if you have a piece of bare land – however, if a property is already there you’re going to have to factor in demolition and site clearance costs into your budget. In which case, if the existing property is sound enough it may make more financial sense to renovate and re-design it based on what is already there.


What Are Your Purposes?

Another key consideration is what you intend the property to be for. If you’re just looking for a nice home to live in, then renovation may be the much more cost-effective solution, especially if you already like the layout of the current property. If you have more specific needs, however, or you just want to know you’re living in a property that has been designed especially for you, the only way you’re going to achieve that is with a new build.


What’s The Building’s History?

If you’re dealing with an old building, it can be a big step to simply tear it down and start again. You may be dealing with a building of some historical importance. It’s always best to check officially to see whether or not there are any restrictions in place on the building. If it can be suitably modified to your needs without too much work, it may be worth considering renovation simply to avoid eradicating a piece of history – providing, of course, the structural stability is sound enough.


Which Is Right For You?

Ultimately, it’s down to the situation you’re in. For example, if you have a property that is not of historical significance and is considerably compromised, it may ultimately be cheaper to tear it down and start again. Then again, it’s impossible to achieve that level of charm with a brand new build – so if there’s a basis to work on, it might be worth renovating to your needs.

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