3 Ideas For House Extensions That Can Add Value To Your Property

3 Ideas For House Extensions That Can Add Value To Your Property


When considering an extension, the question of how much value does an extension add to your house is a natural consideration. The benefit of an extension to house value, however, is dependent on the nature of the extensions – what you choose to add to your home will naturally alter how desirable it is.

With that in mind, here are three examples of value-adding extensions.

Living Space

Choosing to extend living space is naturally always going to be popular with prospective house-buyers. Choosing to add an additional bedroom, a children’s playroom, a conservatory, study, or cinema room can be an enormous benefit when it comes to making your home appear more desirable to interested parties. Not only does it make the house more desirable, but it also shows you’ve been a diligent owner willing to invest in the property.


You may consider using the extension to add additional kitchen space, a downstairs bathroom, shower room, or utility room to the property. These rooms are an essential in every home, and if you offer more usable space that satisfies those needs, buyers are naturally going to respond more positively. It widens the appeal of your property to larger families, and people who are going to make the most of that extended space.

Working From Home

Your extension could also be put to use as a home office, workshop, or hobby room. Technology is developing at a rapid rate, which means more and more people are working from home. If they have a space that is already set up with that in mind, it’s naturally going to bring your property to the fore of their consideration against others they might be looking at. Similarly, you’ll attract those with hobbies, looking for space to indulge them.

The Right Budget For You

The nature of your extension will naturally depend on your budget. If you have a limited budget, you’re better off going for a single-storey extension with a simpler layout. A guest bedroom, for example, requires little more than the build and decoration. Kitchens and bathrooms are more desirable but will require more investment in terms of dedicated plumbing work and the installation of specific units.

Whatever you choose to use your extension for, however, it’s always going to add value to your property.

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