5 Problems To Avoid During Your House Extension Project

5 Problems To Avoid During Your House Extension Project

For many homeowners, space can soon begin to get tight in their properties. This is especially true if you have lived there for a while and accumulated a lot of stuff! Many are choosing to extend their houses now to solve this rather than having the expense and hassle of moving. The key to a successful extension is taking the right precautions beforehand to ensure it goes smoothly and without any disasters. But what should you be taking into account to avoid any problems with building a house extension?

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1. Familiarise Yourself With Any Necessary Regulations

When embarking on any house extension project, it really is crucial to get up to speed with any rules and regulations. Prime among this is any planning permission documents which set out exactly what you can and cannot do when it comes to extending your home. If you neglect to do this, then you could be in for a nasty surprise further down the line as any work already completed may have to come down.

2. Keep Your Budget In Mind

When planning out your extension works it is essential to cost it all out and set a budget you will stick to. One of the worst common building problems is blowing your budget on works that are not necessary or spending too much on materials. While you do need to buy quality materials, this does not mean you should pay too much for them.

3. Have An Emergency Fund

Even if you have planned out your house extension carefully, there can be secondary problems when building a house which can sometimes arise. This makes it wise to keep some spare money back for any emergencies so you can get building construction problems and solutions sorted out. It is not only emergency work that this is applicable too – it is also worth having some money set aside so you can make any last-minute design changes also.

4. Ask Your Builders The Right Questions

Of course, the builders which you hire are a key part of the whole picture. This makes taking your time to carefully choose the best ones vital. Top of the list is speaking to any builders first and thinking of which questions to ask them when you do. It is also wise to head to their website and look at any case studies they have. This allows you to see the quality of their previous work.

5. Make Sure To Offer Your Own Opinions

When you employ a professional builder to construct your extension, it is wise to listen to their advice around problems with building work. Having said that, it is still crucial to have your own say on any decisions too. Some builders will otherwise just go with the easiest option for them and not actually what is best for your property!

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